‘Welcome Back, Jack’ to be Released in late 2015 by Down & Out Books

In 2013, I completed my transition into full crime fiction with the finishing of my first hard-boiled detective novel, Welcome Back, Jack. For about a month, I released an early version of it independently to a select local audience, and was propelled with it’s reception to seek a more traditional publishing arrangement.

Down and Out Books logo

Down & Out Books, headed up by tireless publisher Eric Campbell, is a powerhouse indie publisher of hard-boiled crime, and the respect it gets among its peers is well-earned. With books from authors like Les Edgerton, Jack Getze, Richard Godwin, Matt Hilton and so many others, I have great hope that Down & Out will cradle my book in its scabbed, bloody hands.

The release date is to be announced, but will likely be in the fall of 2015.

Author of Detective, Crime and Noir