Litreactor Column gives Sweeny a Nod in Recent Article

I am very surprised and excited to announce that I was one of five crime short story writers in Keith Rawson’s column on Litreactor,

5 Crime Short Story Writers You Should Be Reading Right Now

I was joined by writers Art Taylor, Patti Abbott, Christopher Irvin and Glen Gray. In only good form, I plan on reading their work now (though I actually have read one of Patti Abbot’s novels.)

I recommend you do the same. I also recommend that you check out Litreactor. Lot’s of stuff happening there, and Keith Rawson’s articles have a track record of being thought-provoking.

DIY Education in the 21st Century

When I was eighteen thru twenty-five, I paid for- and attended five colleges, where I majored in bong hits, binge drinking, hangovers and ditching class without being removed from campus. A young Liam Sweeny could get financial assistance and scholarships for an education he wasn’t ready for. A current Liam Sweeny can’t afford a college, but has the drive to secure an education.

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