Baring My Soul For Some Quick Sales

Facebook loves you if you have something to promote. They love you so much that when you provide the link (and if you’re a writer, it’s almost universally Amazon) they throttle your post. Basically this means that the hundred people who see your picture of your cat’s asshole, only ten of them will see you trying to hawk your book.

Now, you can always pay Facebook, and that’s really their point. But Facebook, who sells you that bikini ten days after you already bought it, is looouuusy at promoting your stuff, no matter how much you pay them/ Plus, we all broke out here. Broke, and that’s a Ramen-and-Mrs.-Dash=Healthfood-Eating Fact. So, what do we do?

I don’t write for my health. Writing is stressful, lot of moving parts in an 80,000 word story. And yet, I’m not writing for a mansion either. I mean, making some passive income every month, hell, enough to pay the power bill after taxes, that would be sweet. And I create universes, and I’m not bad at it. Why wouldn’t I want to share that with a few – thousand – people?

So here we are. Here you are, on my website, and hopefully Facebook hasn’t bollocksed me up here. I’m going to treat you to a link to each of my books, and I’m going to try to describe them like I’m a disinterested cab driver showing off his bobblehead collection.

Anno Luce

This was my first book. It’s about the return of Jesus and the end of the world. NOT preachy, or even that religious. Kind of punk rock, slacker, grungy kind of story. I wrote this in between going to Louisiana for Katrina relief. A lot of complicated emotions with this. I published it myself – there wasn’t really going to be an agent or publisher for a book like this. There probably is now, but, you know, bigger fish…

Anno Luce: Anna’s Book

This is a prequel to Anno Luce. Before Jesus. I mean, he was around, just that this story kind of sets that all up. Lots of psychics and abilities, and some scumbags. This was a personal one for me, because I incomporated someone I lost in it. But this had the same publishing issue – no specific market – so I published this one myself. It is good, but it got buried under other stuff I was doing.

The Serpent and the Sun

When I first started writing books, I never believed I’d be able to do it. It was a mystical thing to me. Then I ended up writing three big novels in short order. This is the third. It’s a post-apocalyptic story from an alternate universe where the asteroid Apophis struck Nicaragua. This is a really good story, and I feel strongly that if I hadn’t already published the first two books myself, I would’ve sent this out to agents.

I should say at this point that publishing your own books is not ideal. But sending out requests for representation by agents (a.k.a queries) is, for most people, a soul sucking experience, a sea of ‘no,’ if they even get back to you, and if the choice is to kill yourself (as a writer) or go ahead and get your book out there yourself… you do the math. I didn’t want to wait ten years for an agent to say “maybe.”

So, onward and forward.

The Man

This one is a fun little novella. Four stories, four main characters, no names. Again, really just a fun story. A prophet in a Maine seaside town who’s been having nightmares of a future fifty years ahead of where he started. Story starts when the day catches up to his first nightmare – 9/11.


The village of Prattsville, New York was nearly wiped off the map by Hurricane Irene (this is real.) This story is about two weeks in the recovery. It’s fiction, but based off true events. And it’s a novella.

Welcome Back, Jack

This is the first Jack LeClere detective novel I wrote. This one was published by Down and Out Books. I wanted to write a police procedural that was just brutal, and a cop that wasn’t the broken degenerate stereotype I saw in so many cop stories.

Presiding Over the Damned

This is the second in the Jack LeClere detective series. In the aftermath of the first book, a young girl is brutally murdered, and the search for her killer promises to rip open every crack in the city. The city of New Rhodes is a major character in this book.

Miner’s Kill

This is the third, and perhaps final story in the Jack LeClere detective series. This book explores the darker side of privilege and wealth in New Rhodes, and the greater area. Each of these books takes from the ones before it, so I think you’ll be pleased.

Below are short story collections. The first is Dead Man’s Switch, which I put out. Second is Street Whispers, which was put out by All Due Respect Books.

Dead Man’s Switch

Street Whispers

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