Troy Love Story – New WIP

Hey everyone. Actually, hey, single one person who will end up reading this. I have a new project in the works. I am calling it various things. The file name is “Clouds Over Collar City Skies.” I don’t think that will make the cut in the end. The title on the pile of pages I’veContinue reading “Troy Love Story – New WIP”

Presiding Over the Damned – Interview at The Big Thrill

A little while ago, Tim O’Mara sat down with me (digitally) and he had questions. Good questions, all. I tried to answer them to the best of my abilities, but I must confessed, some were real wringers. Without further ado, I am providing the link to the original interview. If the phrase “ripped from today’sContinue reading “Presiding Over the Damned – Interview at The Big Thrill”

David Nemeth Interviews Me in ‘Suspect’s Viewpoint’

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by David Nemeth for Suspect’s Viewpoint,  on Unlawful Acts. Below is an excerpt. David: Let’s talk about your story, “Rats”. I mentioned in my review, the story unmasked a fear that I think many of us have, that we are all precariously situated in our lives. In crime fiction,Continue reading “David Nemeth Interviews Me in ‘Suspect’s Viewpoint’”