Lithium, and Other News

Every time I get on this blog, I make an earnest vow that I’m going to post regularly. And if you go back to the last post, December of 2020, and the post before that, sometime in 2018, you’ll know how good my steadfast vows are. Gas station ground beef patties are more dependable than me.

But I do have news. In fact, a lot of news; maybe I should spread it out over a few posts. Not my style, though. First up in the news category, I got a contract from Bronzeville Books to publish Troy Love Story. It’s going to be edited by a writer that I happen to be a fan of, Joe Clifford, and that is just tops. And the publisher, Danny Gardner, was very moved by the manuscript, and after a long phone conversation, I got that feeling so rare to writers, that my work was vindicated.

So I had some time between hearing from Danny and getting the contract. If you aren’t a writer, know that patience is a must because the process can feel like it’s taking forever. So, out of nervous energy, and maybe a tad of the magic mojo that we all get sometimes, I started writing again. And only a few days after I signed the contract for Troy Love Story, I had my next manuscript, which is tentatively called ‘Lithium.’

Lithium is the story about mental illness, family, and homelessness. I hope it is powerful, because I left a lot on the field with it. In fact, I might have to switch over to scifi for the next manuscript just to refresh.

And that’s pretty much what I got going on right now. I’m going to try to post here, you know, with the stuff I don’t feel is pithy enough for Facebook.

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