Rejection, and the Guy that Called Her Twelve Times in Two Minutes

I had some extra time to fool around on Facebook because my favorite morning gas station is shut down from Covid, and I happened upon an article, basically screenshots of a woman letting a guy down gently, and him blowing his stack. To his credit, he didn’t pull out the slew of words to describeContinue reading “Rejection, and the Guy that Called Her Twelve Times in Two Minutes”

Baring My Soul For Some Quick Sales

Facebook loves you if you have something to promote. They love you so much that when you provide the link (and if you’re a writer, it’s almost universally Amazon) they throttle your post. Basically this means that the hundred people who see your picture of your cat’s asshole, only ten of them will see youContinue reading “Baring My Soul For Some Quick Sales”

Troy Love Story – New WIP

Hey everyone. Actually, hey, single one person who will end up reading this. I have a new project in the works. I am calling it various things. The file name is “Clouds Over Collar City Skies.” I don’t think that will make the cut in the end. The title on the pile of pages I’veContinue reading “Troy Love Story – New WIP”

Shawn A. Cosby – My Darkest Prayer, the Interview.

If you meet Nathan Waymaker, you probably don’t want it to be in a back alley. And you definitely don’t want to have wronged someone that’s in his good graces. And if you’re ever in trouble in Queen County, Virginia, his number beats 911. In Shawn A. Cosby’s debut novel, My Darkest Prayer, we areContinue reading “Shawn A. Cosby – My Darkest Prayer, the Interview.”

Gabino Iglesias – Coyote Songs, the Interview

The Frontera is a land of monsters, cringeworthy creatures that sail the rivers and creep upon the desert, terrorize the villagers. They are born of human nature and of super-nature. And in Coyote Songs, author Gabino Iglesias brings the ghosts of the Frontera to life in the most spellbinding way. Coyote Songs follows the grooveContinue reading “Gabino Iglesias – Coyote Songs, the Interview”