Shawn A. Cosby – My Darkest Prayer, the Interview.

If you meet Nathan Waymaker, you probably don’t want it to be in a back alley. And you definitely don’t want to have wronged someone that’s in his good graces. And if you’re ever in trouble in Queen County, Virginia, his number beats 911. In Shawn A. Cosby’s debut novel, My Darkest Prayer, we areContinue reading “Shawn A. Cosby – My Darkest Prayer, the Interview.”

Gabino Iglesias – Coyote Songs, the Interview

The Frontera is a land of monsters, cringeworthy creatures that sail the rivers and creep upon the desert, terrorize the villagers. They are born of human nature and of super-nature. And in Coyote Songs, author Gabino Iglesias brings the ghosts of the Frontera to life in the most spellbinding way. Coyote Songs follows the grooveContinue reading “Gabino Iglesias – Coyote Songs, the Interview”

Presiding Over the Damned – Interview at The Big Thrill

A little while ago, Tim O’Mara sat down with me (digitally) and he had questions. Good questions, all. I tried to answer them to the best of my abilities, but I must confessed, some were real wringers. Without further ado, I am providing the link to the original interview. If the phrase “ripped from today’sContinue reading “Presiding Over the Damned – Interview at The Big Thrill”

Spoiler Alert: Chris Dewildt, “Suburban Dick”

Suburban Dick is about the adventures of Gus Harris, a private investigator (“dick”), caught between the woman he can’t get serious with and the family life he ruined over her. The parents of a missing high school student send Gus on a wild trek through the seedy underbelly of Horton High’s wrestling program. The bloodContinue reading “Spoiler Alert: Chris Dewildt, “Suburban Dick””

David Nemeth Interviews Me in ‘Suspect’s Viewpoint’

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by David Nemeth for Suspect’s Viewpoint,  on Unlawful Acts. Below is an excerpt. David: Let’s talk about your story, “Rats”. I mentioned in my review, the story unmasked a fear that I think many of us have, that we are all precariously situated in our lives. In crime fiction,Continue reading “David Nemeth Interviews Me in ‘Suspect’s Viewpoint’”

ADR Talks With Liam Sweeny, Author of Street Whispers

Liam Sweeny is the author of Street Whispers, a short story collection out today. It’s an eclectic collection of pulp, grit and noir stories inspired by the Capital Region of New York, a rust-belt crossroads in the shadow of the city that never sleeps. ADR: The stories in your collection mostly take place in the CapitalContinue reading “ADR Talks With Liam Sweeny, Author of Street Whispers”

The Interrogation Room with Tom Leins

  From Firstly, congratulations on the publication of Street Whispers. How hard was it to select the stories – and indeed the running order? Thank you. It was difficult to pick and arrange the stories. They were written at different times, some for publication, some for fun, a couple were lost treasures, so telling aContinue reading “The Interrogation Room with Tom Leins”