Shawn A. Cosby – My Darkest Prayer, the Interview.

If you meet Nathan Waymaker, you probably don’t want it to be in a back alley. And you definitely don’t want to have wronged someone that’s in his good graces. And if you’re ever in trouble in Queen County, Virginia, his number beats 911. In Shawn A. Cosby’s debut novel, My Darkest Prayer, we areContinue reading “Shawn A. Cosby – My Darkest Prayer, the Interview.”

David Nemeth Interviews Me in ‘Suspect’s Viewpoint’

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by David Nemeth for Suspect’s Viewpoint,  on Unlawful Acts. Below is an excerpt. David: Let’s talk about your story, “Rats”. I mentioned in my review, the story unmasked a fear that I think many of us have, that we are all precariously situated in our lives. In crime fiction,Continue reading “David Nemeth Interviews Me in ‘Suspect’s Viewpoint’”

The Interrogation Room with Tom Leins

  From Firstly, congratulations on the publication of Street Whispers. How hard was it to select the stories – and indeed the running order? Thank you. It was difficult to pick and arrange the stories. They were written at different times, some for publication, some for fun, a couple were lost treasures, so telling aContinue reading “The Interrogation Room with Tom Leins”